If I attend a meeting, do I have to talk?

Each attendee is encouraged to talk, but not required to talk. The facilitator would prefer you to say your name, the name of the person you lost, and the date the person died. If that is overwhelming for your first visit, then you can just sit and listen.

Is the group only for people who have lost someone to suicide (or can I come if I’ve been suicidal)?

Suicide bereavement support groups are specifically for people who have lost someone to suicide. If you have attempted or are considering suicide, please call 1-800-273-TALK.

How often does the group meet?

It varies by the different groups in Iowa. Some meet once a month, some meet twice a month, and some meet weekly.

What if I am afraid to attend because I won’t know anyone?

Contact us and we will find a current group member or group leader to talk or meet with you before attending the actual group meeting.

What are the qualifications of the group facilitator?

The facilitators are either trained by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention or hold a college degree in a mental health related field.

Is there cost involved with attending the group?

Most groups are free with some groups asking for a small donation if food and beverage are served.

Are the groups confidential?

Yes, what is said in the group does not leave the group.

How do I locate a support group in my area?

Contact Ryan Nesbit at rmnesbit@mchsi.com or 641-990-4957 with any questions regarding support groups in Iowa or surrounding states.

Support Group Frequently Asked Questions